What is the difference between theatre and music festival? We Offer That to You

What is the difference between theatre and music festival? We Offer That to You

Is it a Music Festival or is it a Rave? Right now, be covering this lifelong inquiry that has tormented every one of us. Before you jump into the difference between theatre and music festival, how about start with characterizing the two.

Raves, by definition, are enormous dance parties highlighting either DJs or live performers that play electronic dance music or EDM. While, music festivals are just community events, which highlight live musical exhibitions that are regularly given a theme.

Raves and music festivals can be fundamentally the same as, yet there are some key qualities that can separate these two. Coachella is a festival that highlights EDM however isn’t viewed as a rave.

Then again, EDC is both a rave and a festival, however warehouse and underground events are basically just raves.

This may be befuddling from the start, yet once you’ve encountered every one of these events, you’ll understand that there are particular characteristics between theatre vs music festival.


Before you even get within the rave, you will hear/feel the consistent blasting of the kick drum. You’re normally going to see DJs on the line-up of raves with the event of live electronic artists.

Raves will have a line-up stacked with an assortment of EDM artists. Inside the EDM scene there’s an assorted determination of genres in electronic dance music. Every genre sounds and feels altogether different from each other.

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Raves for the most part happen during the night or someplace underground, so the artwork and installations are vibrant and loud! They for the most part make use of vivid LED lights and UV responsive hues.

Brilliant lights, visuals, and EDM all go hand-in-hand, so you’ll most likely discover glovers giving light shows or making shocking light trails with other LED light toys!

Numerous music festivals begin during the day which can allow for additional exercises than raves. Festivals make them stun craftsmanship installations that don’t generally require a dim setting or insane light arrangement and make for some truly great photograph operations!

In contrast to music festival vs theatre festival, raves, music festivals regularly last different days and offer a choice to camp at the festival.

This allows it to give a lot of exercises and comforts to their participants. It’s starting to turn out to be really well known for festivals to offer workshops and talks that can assist you with carrying on with a superior lifestyle!

Stage production

The stage creation at raves and music festivals are cracking insane! The sound and visuals happens to be epic and are what transform an artist’s vision into the real world.

The stage creation of these events has shown signs of improvement and better every year. The experience of these two can be fundamentally the same as, however there are still a few highlights that make raves separate from music festivals.

Music festivals can do this too when they are highlighting electronic artists, however with regards to live exhibitions, you’ll likely have an alternate encounter!

When there are live bands or exhibitions, there will be a more prominent spotlight on the sound nature of the vocals and instruments.