The Perfect start of a financial company in UK

The Perfect start of a financial company in UK

In the UK it is possible to register a limited company online within 24 hours or to register a branch of your company within 4 weeks.


Establishing or expanding your business in the UK is very simple.

If you want to register and start the investment company in UK as a separate legal entity in the UK, the most common option is to set up a limited company.

Another option is to register and open the investment company in GB as a sole proprietorship (in which case you will be responsible for all debts incurred by the company) or a ‘partnership’ (in which you share responsibility with other business partners).

First steps

To get started with the registration procedure, you will require the following:

  • The name for the company
  • Company mailing address (can be any UK mailing address)
  • At least one director (you do not need to be a UK resident)
  • As a minimum one shareholder (might be an individual or another company)

financial company in UK

A UK registered company must have a company deed of incorporation and statutes upon incorporation. You can use a standard template, or use professional consultants to establish them on behalf of your company.

The law does not require having a director or shareholder resident in the United Kingdom to establish a company there. However, when opening a bank account for your company, many banks will require that you have a director or shareholders residing in the country.

Help services to establish in the United Kingdom

The British government can provide you with information to help you establish your business in the UK. For more information, please contact us.

Many UK companies can also offer you more specific advice on moving your business here.

Registration of a British branch of a foreign company

By listing a division of your company in the UK, you are not establishing an independent legal entity. You will simply be registering the company to do business there.

In the United Kingdom, a branch does not obtain the same benefits in terms of limitation of liability as a limited company.

The process to register and start a financial company in UK is longer than that of a limited company, since you must submit documents and information to the Companies House, which can take up to 4 weeks to review.

Exit from the EU: what has changed

There are no significant changes to the UK business establishment process. The UK does not apply any restrictions, in terms of nationality, to owners or managers of British companies.